SDGs×宇宙ビジネス:社会課題解決にむけた宇宙ビジネスプレイヤーの挑戦(協力:Space Biz for the SDGs)

SDGs x Space Business: Challenges of Space Business Players to Solve Social Issues
(This panel is supported by Space Biz for the SDGs)


About the Session

COVID-19をはじめ人類は様々な社会課題に直面しています。国連サミットで採択された「持続可能な開発目標」はあらゆる産業を巻き込んだ流れになりつつあります。そうした課題に対して宇宙ビジネスに何ができるか?昨年立ち上がった官民イニシアチブ「Space Biz for the SDGs」のメンバーとともに議論をしていきます。

Humankind has faced various social issues in history, including the current COVID-19 pandemic. The 'Sustainable Development Goals' adopted at the United Nations Summit are becoming an increasingly important priority than involves almost all industries. So what roles can the space industry have to address some of these social issues? We will discuss with members of the public-private initiative, Space Biz for the SDGs, that was launched last year.


小笠原 治
Osamu Ogasahara
渡邉 賢一
Kenichi Watanabe
山口 隼
Shun Yamaguchi
平田 大輔
Daisuke Hirata
新谷 美保子
Mihoko Shintani
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